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About the Show..

Got something ailing you? Are you looking for music with a message? “The Good Medicine Show2”  may be just the cure you are looking for and is coming up in Kona this Friday and Saturday in Kona and in East Hawaii the weekend after that. This show is not so much to do with a visit to the doctor but with “soul medicine” and will feature the music of Northern California’s  Clan Dyken as well as local groups Kaliko Guys and The Iris Eve Band.

Clan Dyken were a big part of the first ‘Good Medicine Show’ last show this time last year at The Palace  Theater and they return to Hawaii once more this time playing on both sides of the island. Clan Dyken band members are famed for showing up at important protests armed with electric guitars, amps and solar panels. In years past, Clan Dyken have, among other things, played in Redwood forests to help save them from being logged and traveled to Britain to help save some sacred sites from development.  More recently Clan Dyken toured the South-West coast of the mainland on bicycles hooked up to small generators that helped power the shows they put on at night. Some will even remember far back enough to recall that they played in the square of Pahoa back in 1990 as part of the protests against the Geo-Thermal Energy Project in Puna. It may be that commitment to the issues that makes their music appealing. Says organizer George ‘Graywolf’ Klare and long-time friend of the band, “The key to the success of Clan Dyken is their toe tapping music and their lyrics… I like what lead-singer and songwriter ‘Bear’ Dyken says; ‘If you are a songwriter/poet/artist in this time and you are not writing about the changes you see, feel, and live in … what the hell are you writing about?’”

“The Good Medicine Show” is also about the healing influence of images and it will feature two screens and moving images to accompany the music. According to Greywolf, “Part of the medicine for the times is in our imagery and symbols. Art is powerful and that’s why the visuals of the show will be important. There are so many archetypal images that have actually always been around us to comfort us and inspire us. That’s a part of the show we are putting on.” Not only that says Greywolf but there are spoken word artists and chants that are part of this show. “This isn’t just entertainment.. people are coming together with a purpose.. That’s the true meaning of a ‘medicine show.’ Everyone leaves a little changed by what they see hear and experience.”

And it is certainly more than music or images that sets this show apart from regular ‘entertainment’..‘Rock for justice.. if you want to see some Justice on this Rock…’ is the message that the event organizers have for those wondering if they should venture out for the night.  ‘The Good Medicine Show’ is being presented by Peaceful Sky Alliance, the 10, 000 Gardens Project that gave away seeds and plants in the last election and  a new organization called ‘Friends for Justice.’ Themes of ‘justice’ and ‘community issues’ is the focus of these organizations and the theme of the three and a half hour show.

In the pursuit of ‘justice’ it certainly been a busy time since their first ‘Good Medicine Show’ launched Peaceful Sky Alliance as an organization. After ‘Project Peaceful Sky’, sponsored the Ballot initiative that successfully passed the Lowest Law Enforcement Priority of Cannabis Ordinance the “Peaceful Sky Alliance” was formed. Peaceful Sky Alliance represents more than a few organizations and individuals working with Hawaii County  to oversee the implementation of a voter initiative that mandates county personnel to make arrests and prosecution for ‘adult personal use’ of cannabis their “lowest enforcement priority”.. Says Greywolf who is also a Board Member of Peaceful Sky Alliance; “We’ve been attending council on a regular basis and meeting with Council members individually. Peaceful Sky Alliance has also generated over 100 letters addressing various County Departments and Heads of Department over violations to the ordinance or areas where the County isn’t yet in compliance. What we’re learning is that it takes more than an election to change a law. It takes people paying attention to what happens after that.”

A ‘medicine’ at the center of controversy locally and across the Nation as another election cycle begins is of course, Cannabis. In the last election various States and Counties passed similar laws to the one passed by 35,000 voters in the last election recognizing ‘adult personal use’ of Cannabis. Colorado is the most recent state to allow medical marijuana dispensaries to open. The American Medical Association’s (AMA) announcement in November of last year that the scheduling of Cannabis as a ‘dangerous drug’ is under review has dampened the arguments of  law enforcement agencies and conservatives nationwide that posession or use of Cannabis should remain illegal and punishable as a felony under State and Federal law. The AMA also announced at the same time that they want to do more research about the medical benefits of Cannabis. This too is breaking ground according to Greywolf. “They haven’t been honest with people about this plant and more and more people are realizing this. Too many good people are going to jail over a plant. The truth about this plant is rising to the surface. Even people who don’t use cannabis on a regular basis, have an aunty or an uncle it helped or they know that they could get sick and need some of this medicine themselves…People know that medicine should be something everyone can afford and this is affordable because it grows out of the ground…  People are starting to realize that the war on cannabis doesn’t make sense.”

‘The Good Medicine Show 2’  kicks off in Kona Friday February 26 and Saturday, February 27 at Kona’s brand new venue, the newly refurbished ‘LEAD Theatre’. (that’s “Learn Educate and Develop” for those of you who are wondering…located where the old Hualalai Movie Theater used to be) Two more shows scheduled for the East side of the Island, one at the S.P.A.C.E. in Puna and one at Hilo’s Palace Theater

The cost of tickets is $20 at the door or $15 if you buy a ticket before the event from Kona’s Conscious Riddims or the brand new Cloud 9 Emporium, Hilo’s CD Wizard or Jungle Love of Pahoa. In an effort to support the island’s Food Bank, people planning on buying a ticket at the door are encouraged to bring a non-persishable food item to donate for $2 off the door price. Doors open at 6.00 p.m and all shows start at 7pm. For more information call 938-0644

Here’s a bio about Clan Dyken:

In the past century, social, political, and environmental movements have created music as much as music itself has stoked the fire of cultural resistance and sown the seeds for a crop of social change.  Rock and Roll has altered our society and protests and rallies without music are sleepers. Groups like Clan Dyken have helped people find greater consciousness, validate rebellion, take positive action, build community, transform society–and have fun dancing at the same time.
Based in California*s Calaveras County Foothills, Clan Dyken, formed by brothers Mark and Bear Dyken, has harmonized, toured, activated, and entertained for more than two decades.   Through the years, many talented members of their immediate and extended family have rotated in and out of the band. The drama of the times (state sanctioned terrorism, oil wars, corrupt leaders, the Berlin Wall’s falling, arms race continuing, eco-wars transpiring) has been matched by the parallel drama of the family Dyken. Backstage and front, there has been serious pleasure, power and spirit, as well as pain, tragedy, and loss.
Clan Dyken convey incredible passion for peace, justice and planetary salvation. This passion combined with the experiences of travelers and activists has influenced the music and the presentation.  In 1992 The Clan recorded the world*s first completely solar powered album, Shundahai, in Hawaii and then donated the solar panels to a local Native school after the recording.  They toured with a solar powered stage that folded out of the side of an old school bus, run their tour bus on veggie oil, stumped for Nobody for President in a cross country tour with Wavy Gravy and have used the magic of the music to make friends around the world. This is music from the vernacular of community, rallies, and demonstrations. They’ve always been willing to lend a hand, tunes, and sound equipment to a worthy campaign.
From the Nevada Nuclear Test Site and the Livermore Nuclear Labs to the Headwaters Forest to the annual Revive the Beauty Way tour and Thanksgiving food and supply run to support the Dineh (Navajo) People in northeastern Arizona, to rallies against nuclear power and forest clear-cutting, for organic farming in rural California, against road building in Britain, for solar and against geothermal power in Hawaii, for civil liberties and peace, against the arms race and fascism. They have distinguished themselves by their activism and their music that celebrates their experiences and hopes for a better future. Getting arrested for peace was for a time a frequent habit of certain band members, nonviolent civil disobedience being a central tenant of their personal philosophies.
During a lifetime of playing music with a great number of diverse, talented musicians the Dyken sound has continued to evolve.  Over the course of 10 albums, the Dyken sound ranges from a stark, acoustic solo project by Bear to an eight piece band with screaming guitar solos, keyboards, horns and long percussion jams to jazz instrumentals in 5/4 time to drum and voice chants. Quiet studio pieces, dynamic live concerts and home recordings have been part of the ever changing mix.
Clan Dyken continues to refine the tribal-funk-eco-folk-rock-hippy-soul music they’ve been making for more than 20 years, while taking us on an incredible journey into the heart of how we can all contribute to society’s positive evolution through collective and personal action. After repeated requests, they have finally pulled together this greatest hits CD for their family of friends and fans. As this great green century unfolds, much of what they’ve sung about has proven to be prophetic. Partly because of the politics, their uncompromising ways, and their audience, they’ve performed largely on the fringe of the cultural tableau. But while fame and fortune may have eluded the band, they are rich in community and being correct about our species proper place in the world.
Rebels, activists, organizers, role models, rock and rollers. Clan Dyken know their place in history and revel in it. Along the way they have become the change that they want to see in the world.


All shows start at 7pm. Doors open at 6 pm for a chance to cruise by some information tables and find giveaways, a drum circle and more..

Clan Dyken and the Good Medicine Show is back! This is a poster of the event we presented last year at The Palace. It was an awesome night of excellent music from Clan Dyken and local artists Iris Eve, Tony Selvage, the Drums of Kahena and more!

Clan Dyken will be on tour around the island on bicycles and we will have an awesome line up on stage of special guests. This tour should not be missed!

Here’s the poster for the last show:


On Saturday March 7, 2008 Clan Dyken and Good Medicine Show rocked Hilo’s Historic Palace and helped to launch the Peaceful Sky Alliance

January 11 through 17, 2010.

Thanks to a great organization called LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) we will have a visit from this Canadian police officer. Peaceful Sky Alliance is helping to sponsor his visit. Anyone interested in hosting an event or inviting Officer Bratzer to speak to their organization should contact Peaceful Sky Alliance or call 808 938 0644.

To see more about Officer Bratzner, read more here

“Police officers in Canada have a common-law duty to protect life and property, and drug prohibition makes that more difficult.”

Friday November 20, 2009

Appearance of members of the Peaceful Sky Alliance before the Police Commission regarding hearings denied to two residents who filed complaints in March concerning March overflights of ‘Green Harvest’, marijuana eradication helicopters that are in contravention of the Lowest Law Enforcement Priority of Cannabis Ordinance. A hearing was originally denied by Lincoln Ashida who gave information that the County was not involved in the missions. This information turned out to be false and the County Police Department’s involvement was confirmed by Chief Harry Kubojiri in his June 1 report to County Council two months later.

  • Date: Friday November 20, 2009
  • Time: 9.00 am
  • Place: Department of Liquor Control, 101 Aupuni Street Hilo Lagoon Center

See below for correspondence between Mr. Ashida, Corporation Counsel and Mr George Greywolf Klare and Ms. Devaki Klare, members of the Board of Peaceful Sky Alliance and residents of Pahoa:

1. The letter to Ms. Barbara Lang (Devaki Klare):


2: A reply to Mr. Ashida from the Board of the Peaceful Sky Alliance letting him know that his decision would be appealed on the basis of the information he provided which turned out to be false. We subsequently requested a hearing with the Police Commission: